Weather Watching

Tuesday May 16th 2017

The day started cloudy and cool. It got progressively worse as the day went by. Tonight it is a full rain storm with heavier weather approaching. The overnight low for this area is forecast to be a degree or two above freezing.


View of the Snake River Canyon depth from under the Perrine bridge.

It takes a little more attention to understand the TV weather forecasts in this area. All of the TV stations have very large viewing areas. Each station seems to have many rebroadcast transmitters. I think the stations I’m watching are actually located in Boise over 100 miles from here. The weather forecasts cover north central Nevada, south central Idaho, southwestern Idaho, western Idaho, central Idaho, southeastern Oregon and a few other areas. They talk through the forecast for each area by local names that aren’t necessarily on the map. This area is called the Magic Valley for some reason.


Looking to the east from the Perrine bridge. The bump on the rim near the left of the picture is the Evel Kneivel jump ramp on the south rim.

The gloomy conditions this morning set the tone for my day. I didn’t leave the campground all day. I watch the pool repair crew sandblast the empty pool. They’re preparing it for a new coat of gunite, before they fill it. The pool is scheduled to open by Memorial day weekend. The sandblasting provided an interesting background noise. It was so constant that I didn’t hear the lawn mowers until they arrived at my site. Watching the guy scoot around on the mower was another few minutes diversion.

The pictures in this blog entry are from yesterday. I’m not happy with the color quality and sharpness of the pictures from my Canon PowerShot ELPH 360HS camera. I did some experimenting with cleaning them up with software, but I don’t see a big improvement. The color quality and brightness from my cell phone are much better. The camera’s advantage is that it has an optical zoom of 12X. If I don’t find a way to post process the pictures, I may need to buy a new camera.

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