Another Day with Summer Weather

Thursday May 18th 2023

It looks like this area is in a summer weather pattern. Just like the last couple of days the day began humid and sunny, but during the afternoon a line of thunderstorms approached. Today’s storms were filled with lightening. The heavy rain only lasted half an hour, and everything was clear again within about an hour. It cooled the mid eighties high temperature for the day down into the upper seventies for a while.

I need to accept the fact that almost daily thunderstorms are here to stay until fall in this area. That means I need to stop letting the storms get in the way of my daily plans. They really aren’t a problem if you aren’t driving during the downpour or stuck outside somewhere. Today I didn’t take my own advice and let the storm dictate my afternoon. In my defense, the lightening and accompanying thunder associated with the storms started almost an hour before the actual storm arrived.

My focus today was on planning the next few weeks of travel. I still need to get some maintenance completed on the motorhome and on my SUV. Finding places to do the work and coordinating all of the associated logistics is a challenge. My immediate concern is booking the Memorial Day holiday weekend. It doesn’t seem to be as big a problem as it was the last couple of years. I’ve seen reports that the camping and RV boom associated with the pandemic is over and this would seem to confirm it. Now if the price of a night of camping would return to the post pandemic level it would be great.

This weekend crowd at this park has started to arrive. In this area of the park the number of occupied sites seems to have doubled today. There are still plenty of vacant sites in this area and in the other areas of the park. I suspect many sites will fill tomorrow and the park will be about the as full this weekend as last.


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