Vaill Point Park Hike

Tuesday May 16th 2023

As I’m writing this blog entry I can hear the sounds of thunder to the west. A a late in the day line of thunderstorms is approaching. Up until now it has been another beautiful day with a high temperture around 85 degrees.

One of the paved paths at Vaill Point Park.

I drove back to the east side of US 1 to another park near the inter-coastal waterway. Today I hiked the trails in Vaill Point Park. It is on the south side of the same creek I visited yesterday. The trails in this park are all paved walking paths. There are a few pavilions, an overlook and a fishing pier along the tails. There may have been other structures, but I had a big enough challenge navigating the trails I walked. I didn’t see any map and there were no direction signs. It was a maze you could easily get lost in. On a positive note, it was well shaded and the views were fantastic.

Back at the campground this afternoon, a Snowy Egret decided to visit the park’s retention pond while I was on a walk around the park. I stood by the pond and watched the bird for a few minutes. It made a full circuit of the pond’s shore looking for food. Every now and then it would dart forward to grab something tasty. After about a loop and a half it move on to another place.

Later in the same walk I found another Hibiscus plant that was in bloom. I really think they missed this plant and the other one I found earlier in my stay. The majority of the Hibiscus plants are all severely pruned. I understand that the plants will turn into massive bushes if they aren’t tended to occasionally.


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