A Lazy Saturday Became a Lazy Sunday

Sunday May 14th 2023

Today began overcast just like Saturday, but the day didn’t follow the same course. The overcast transitioned to a bright sunshiny day. There were very few clouds in the sky all afternoon. The temperature peaked in the upper eighties.

Plant of the day.

This was another lazy day. I spent most of my the day reading and watching TV. On my walks around the park I found a lot of empty sites. The weekend residents really cleared out. A lot of the remaining residents are travelers. The cars and RVs have license plates from all over the country. In addition to the full time RV states of residence of Texas and South Dakota there were RVs from California, Missouri, Arizona, Oregon, Wisconsin and New York. Just to name a few. The majority of the Florida license tags are locals, but a few, like me, are also full time RVers.

On my walks around the campground I carry my camera to capture pictures to include in the blog. At this park that usually means flower blossoms. In the past there have been many Hibiscus plants in bloom. This year all but one Hibiscus plant has been pruned back to the base. Yesterday I included a picture of one blossom on the remaining bush and tonight I’ve included the other blossom. There just aren’t a lot of colorful blossoms right now.


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