Sunday in the Wind

Sunday April 30th 2023

The final severe weather event of the last several days of unsettled weather began about 5AM this morning. I woke to the sound of heavy rain on the roof. When I got up to check the windows, my phone indicated that there was another tornado watch for the Florida peninsular as well as a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings to the east of my location. At my RV home the weather was a lot of wind driven heavy rain and maybe some thunder and lightening. I closed the windows and went back to bed. The rain was coming to an end when I woke up a little before 8AM.

Blossom of the day

The day turned into a bright sunny day with much lower humidity, but oh boy was it windy. The reports indicated the wind was steady over 20 mph out of the west northwest. There were gusts much stronger. My slide room awnings were flapping in the wind and a few small branches fell from nearby trees. The temperature peaked in the very comfortable low eighties. If you could ignore the wind, it was a very nice day.

The head of a small alligator above the surface of the creek. It is facing away from the camera.

The RV resort returned to sleepy mode this afternoon. The weekend RVers were gone by the 11AM checkout. As the day progressed the people who leave their RVs here during the week closed up and departed. The place went from noisy and active to quiet and laid back. I much prefer the current state.

This evening the weather delayed launch of the Falcon 9 Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral took place. I interrupted the creation of this blog to go outside and watch the rocket’s red glare. It is such a clear night that it was possible to watch the rocket in the eastern sky for several minutes. I didn’t see the boosters return. I am too far inland. Watching the launch from the Jetty Park on the coast is obviously better, but there is something special about seeing the red glow climbing into the night sky from about fifty miles away. It was a nice way to end the day.


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