More Pictures from the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival

Wednesday April 26th 2023

Today was forecast to be the worst day of the week weather wise. Area wide they probably nailed it, but in this immediate area it hasn’t been bad. The storm I experienced at EPCOT yesterday also fell on my RV home. It started to the northwest and dropped a significant size and volume of hail. This afternoon it was the area to the east of here that got the hail. The TV weather and news teams were focused on a severe storm with two inch size hail in the Melbourne Florida area. Slippery white stuff on the ground in Florida is not the norm. In some areas the hail needed to be shoveled just like snow. As of 9PM the severe thunderstorm watch has expired and this area has only gotten medium intensity showers with a little bit of a distant light show.

I spent the day at home today. My car spent the day about a mile and a half away getting its brakes replaced. I took it over this morning and walked back to the RV resort. This evening before the storms arrived here I walked back over and exchanged a large amount of money for the pleasure of having a car that will stop on request without complaining. Knowing a garage was nearby was one of the reasons I booked this resort for a two week stay.

In this blog entry I am including more of the pictures from yesterday’s trip to the International Flower and Garden Festival at Disney’s EPCOT. I took a lot of pictures of the butterflies and beautiful flowers as well as the topiaries that the Festival is famous for.

Butterflies and Flowers



1 thought on “More Pictures from the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival

  1. Those topiaries are amazing! I really enjoyed seeing them and the personalities of the characters coming through – even though they are made from a bush or shrub. Thank you for posting the pictures.

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