A Visit to Old Town

Saturday April 22nd 2023

Either the weather prognosticators got the forecast wrong, or I didn’t understand them, because it didn’t rain at all today. I expected afternoon thunderstorms, but all we got was cloud cover. The temperature peaked in the high eighties.

I spent the day doing chores around my RV home split between periods of eating and TV watching. It was a very mixed activity day including two walks around the RV resort. This evening I walked up to the Old Town Entertainment area between the resort and the main road. The area has shops, restaurants and live entertainment. Tonight there was a band playing on the main stage and a Classic Car show and cruise throughout the Old Town area. There were a lot of restored “muscle” cars, a few contemporary corvettes, camaros, and mustangs and lots of other restored products of the sixties and seventies. There was even a restored corvair convertible.

Beside Old Town is the Fun Spot America amusement park. They have every kind of ride imaginable. If it has a chance of separating you from your last meal, they have it at Fun Spot. You can pay to get dropped from high up on the end of a cable, spun vertically around atop a fifty foot tower, or spun horizontally around a rotating axis to name a few of the ways they try to “amuse” you. There were also other classic amusement park rides like roller coasters, go carts, and bumper cars. I was amused by watching other people partake of the ride experiences.

Tonight was the busiest I’ve ever seen Old Town and Fun Spot. I’ve visited the area several times since 2016. They have expanded the area a great deal since then. There are new restaurants in Old Town and new rides at Fun Spot. On most of my previous visits there were empty shops in Old Town, but this time there didn’t seem to be any vacancies. The area was really filled with people and activity tonight.

Another little alligator in the park pond

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