Hot and Dry

Monday April 3rd 2023

The fog was back this morning. Visibility was very poor. The sites around the camping loop were barely visible from my RV home. It was nearly 10AM before it lifted and gave way to bright sunshine. There was also very little wind today. This area is in the middle of an above normal heat period. The average high temperature is around eighty, but today it reached ninety. The lack of wind made for an uncomfortable day. Later in the week record warm temperatures are forecast. The good news is the overnight temperatures still get down into the sixties allowing for comfortable open window sleep sessions.

In addition to the heat it is very dry. Spring is the dry season in Florida. The daily afternoon thunderstorms of summer haven’t started yet. There is an elevated drought level across most of south Florida. A burning ban is in place for this county and many others in the area. In the week and a half I’ve been here only a few very brief light rain showers have fallen. Many of the swamp areas only had a little water when I arrived. Now they are mud at best and cracked dried earth in other areas. The selection of wildflowers to take pictures of has also decreased significantly. Much of the grass has gone from green to brown and crackles as you walk on it. I really wonder what this area looks like during the rainy season.

The surface of the pond was like glass in the still evening air.

I got my two walks in today, but they were a little shorter than normal. It wasn’t the heat that shortened my routes, but more one of boredom. Without wildflowers or animals to take pictures of, I’m just walking the same trails I’ve already traveled. This evening I also had the added annoyance of bugs. The low wind level allows the bugs to be a real nuisance.


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