Saturday in the Park with Nature

Saturday April 1st 2023

Today’s weather was a repeat of Friday. It was mostly sunny with lots of fluffy clouds, a wind out of the south and plenty of humidity. The temperature peaked in the upper eighties, but the wind kept things comfortable.

Lots of fluffy clouds today.

The cross country races were the big thing in the park today. I stayed at home all morning to keep out of the way of the runners. When I ventured out this afternoon shortly before 2PM, there was no sign of the race. All of the race paraphernalia that the race organizers had been setting up and distributing around the park since Thursday afternoon was gone. Even the big green arrows made from tape on the roads were removed. There was no sign that a race took place. The day use area was deserted. I call them a very well run race organizing team.

Cormorant hiding in the shade under the fishing pier.

I took my usual two walks today, but they are getting a little repetitive. I am not seeing as many new things now. The wild flowers are the same species just in different locations and I am not seeing a lot of animals. Even the sunsets are starting to look similar. Tomorrow I’m going to hike back to and around the south end of the park. The group camping areas and the equestrian campground in that area should be quieter by then. For a park named Colt Creek, I still haven’t found anything that I would call a creek. Maybe it is hidden by the low water level.

In between walks I was focused on getting a few chores accomplished around my RV home. One of the chores was booking a campground for the end of the month. My winter set of reservations ends with my next stop. Then I’ll be in my summer mode. For the most part I play it by ear making reservations three weeks to a month ahead of time. It gives me a little more freedom of movement allowing me to wander little bit more freely. The down side is I have to remember to book holidays early and I don’t always get to go where I want when I want. At the end of this month into the beginning of May, I’ll be back in the Orlando area.


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