A Busy Day at Colt Creek State Park

Saturday March 25th 2023

The humidity arrived overnight. The day started foggy and transitioned to bright and sunny via a very brief light rain shower. The high temperature for the day was around ninety degrees, but the humidity made it feel much warmer than yesterday.

The morning fog turned into a lot of puffy clouds during the day.

It was a busy day around the state park today. This morning while I was having breakfast an ambulance, fire truck and police car sped by the campground on their way toward the group camping area. They departed a few minutes later with much less fanfare and hast. I assume it wasn’t a major issue. The action in the afternoon moved to the other direction from the campground. A couple of folk music groups preformed this afternoon at the main day use area.

I walked up to the day use area this afternoon to listen to the music and get some exercise walking around the ponds. The music was entertaining, but not memorable. The event sponsored by the Friends of Colt Creek State Park drew a good crowd. There were cars overflowing the parking lot and lots of people were sitting in chairs they brought with them for the occasion. Some people even brought “easy up” style awnings to sit under. A shaved ice food truck was also present to keep the crowd refreshed. I listened for a while then walked around the ponds before returning and listening to the music again.

The volunteer staff have planted flowers to attract butterflies.

During the middle of the afternoon I returned to my RV home for some lunch. It also was an opportunity to cool off and watch a little TV. Just before sunset this evening I returned to the day use area to watch the sunset. Once again I watched for signs of deer, turkeys or other wildlife that might come out into the field areas in the evening. Similar to yesterday I didn’t see any.


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