Random Task Saturday

Saturday March 4th 2023

The wind was almost as strong as yesterday, but it was out of a more southerly direction. It still resulted in a very nice day with a high temperature in the mid eighties. The trend over the last few weeks has been warmer than normal. The normal temperature in this area for this time of year is in the upper seventies.

Beautiful blue sky with a few clouds.

It wasn’t a very active day. I spent most of my time doing chores around my RV home and a little bit of reading. I took two walks around the campground and out to the water access area. Since it is the weekend, there were a lot of people launching boats. I particularly enjoyed watching one couple from Minnesota launch a big double kayak. The arrived with the boat on the roof of their SUV. I thought it was strange how carefully the driver selected his parking location. He adjusted forward and back and left to right several times before he was happy. It seems they had an automatic kayak loader/unloader for the roof mount. With the push of a button the kayak slowly moved over the side of the SUV and down to the ground. The man and woman then had only a few feet to move the boat to get the water. Then he moved the SUV to a corner of the parking lot with the rack still in the down position. He needed the corner to protect the rack from other cars. All of this took time. I think I watched the activity for close to half an hour just for them to get the boat into the water.

A few little fish

One of the things I’ve been working on is the process I use to get photos ready for this blog. I always shrink them down in resolution so I can upload them on slow internet connections. Some of my pictures also get cropped to eliminate distractions and focus the viewers attention. The last thing I do is add the watermark. I’ve been trying to improve the automation of some of the tasks. In the process I broke some of the automation I already had, so tonight’s pictures are more manually processed than usual. Tomorrow I’ll try to fix my workflow again.


2 thoughts on “Random Task Saturday

  1. That couple must really love kayaking! Your photos always look great. Especially those sunset ones recently. I shrink the resolution on my photos too – in order to stretch how much storage space WordPress gives me.

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