A Foggy Start to a Beautiful Day

Tuesday February 21st 2023

My RV home was shrouded in fog this morning. It was dense enough to obscure the other side of the pond in the center of the campground. Shortly before 10AM the sun started to break through. By mid afternoon the temperature climbed into the upper eighties under a partly cloudy sky. There is enough humidity in the air that tomorrow will probably begin the same way. This weather is about two months early. I could use the cooler winter temperatures a little longer.

The bird picture of the day.
There were of puffy clouds today.

This area is behind in rainfall for the year. Some of the swampy areas are drier than I remember them from previous years. Other areas of deeper water, such as the campground pond, seem to be higher. Walking through the Kirby Storter roadside stop area this afternoon the swamp was mostly mud and some of the grass areas that are in water during the rainy season was very brown. The main channel area still had plenty of water, but I only say one turtle rather than several I saw last year. Overall there seems to be a lot of differences in the wildlife this year.

Today’s turtle picture.

The campground had about a fifty percent turnover today. Most of the visitors stop for only a night or two. Very few come for a long time. There just isn’t enough to do in the area and services are forty to fifty miles away. Those that do stay longer seem to pick up available sites by moving every couple of days.


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