Weather Transition Day

Friday February 3rd 2023

The forecast weather transition arrived today. When I rolled out of bed this morning the temperature was in the sixties and climbing. About 10:30AM a light rain started to fall on the roof of my RV home. About fifteen minutes of steady rain fell before the sky started to lighten up and the rain became intermittent. The climbing temperature turned into a falling temperature. The transition seemed to be anticlimactic, but I was wrong. Shortly after noon the wind started to blow. A few minutes later the rain returned with a vengeance. There was an absolute deluge for the next twenty minutes or so. When combined with the wind, the rain was an absolute deafening roar on the walls and roof of my RV home.

Another picture of the Green Heron from yesterday’s trip to EPCOT.

After the deluge it was a cloudy and gloomy afternoon. The temperature continued to drop. It was in the fifties by the time the sun started to set with a chill from the wind to go with it. The sky also started clear as the sun set. I got one cold looking picture of the sunset.

Cold sunset.

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