Dixie Lake Hike

Wednesday February 1st 2023

The weather is still on the positive side of the spectrum. The state of Florida is on the warm side of the front that is causing an ice storm across most of the southern US. After a foggy start to the day, the sky cleared and the temperature climbed to the low eighties.

It was a beautiful sunny day.

There was a little excitement in the campground last night. The fire department and an ambulance arrived at a site across the road from my RV home. I believe they departed a few minutes later with one of the occupants of the fifth wheel trailer in the ambulance. I haven’t seen anybody around that site today. Having a medical emergency on the road is one of the frightening aspects of this life style. You try to prepare, but who knows what might happen. I hope everything turns out alright for the travelers in the fifth wheel trailer.

This is not the first time I’ve seen medical emergencies in campgrounds. On average, I probably see at least one every year. During the winter of 2017-2018 while staying in Las Vegas, an ambulance visited the motorhome beside me several times. The women in that RV sadly passed away, but the male member of the pair planned to continue RVing.

Today I walked around the other lake beside the campground. The trail around Dixie Lake is longer than the trail around Hammond Lake and includes a stretch of the park road. Dixie Lake is probably twice the size of Hammond. I find the trail less interesting. It is mostly a wide flat grass path. The vegetation isn’t as interesting but the views of the lake are more plentiful. It was about a two hour walk in the midday sun. I had a hat and water, but it was not the best planned hike.


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