Waiting for a Storm

Wednesday January 25th 2023

I woke up this morning to dark clouds and a significant wind. The TV weather forecast called for wind ahead of a line of storms moving in from the west. The stations couldn’t seem to agree on when it was going to arrive. I heard everything from early afternoon to the dinner hour. The good news is it was warm in front of the cold front. Today’s high temperature was just south of eighty degrees.

The storm front actually arrived around five fifteen, but it was very anticlimactic. There were a few RV shacking gusts of wind, but the rain was very light and sporadic. It has continued off an on in the three hours since it started. Tomorrow is forecast to be dry, cooler and windy.

This palm needs a little trimming. It has lots of little sprouts trying to take over.

The weather threat kept me at home today. I didn’t want to be out driving around aimlessly just to have deluge of rain or even something as severe as a tornado appear in my path. Instead I did a few chores around my RV home and got in a couple of walks around the campground. On one of the walks I checked out the shopping center next door. When I was here last May one of the stores was under a serious remodel. It wasn’t clear what was going to move in. An ALDI grocery store is now open in that location. One odd observation I made walking by the store, was the need to make a twenty five cent deposit to use a shopping cart. Apparently you need to stick a quarter in to unlock the cart and get it back when you return the cart. Is this normal for ALDI? I never have change in my pocket anymore. I’d be in a real hurt carrying everything in my arms. I guess I’ll stick with Walart.

My short stay in Starke is over tomorrow. I’ll be moving south about 125 miles to Clermont Florida. I’ll be at Lake Louisa State Park again for two weeks. Before the rain started I got the car loaded with my bicycle and completed some of the other outdoor preparations. Check out time is noon, so I should have plenty of time in the morning.


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