A Rainy One Heron Day

Saturday January 21st 2023

I woke up to a cloudy and dreary day. I needed the lights on inside RV home just to prepare my morning coffee. Instead of getting brighter as the morning progressed it got darker. Shortly after noon it started to rain. Most of the time it was only a light rain that barely got through the trees, but from time to time the rain fell at a moderate level. The high temperature for the day was in the low fifties.

During a brief break in the rain, I got in my one and only walk of the day. The campground was mostly full, but the day use area was empty. On the fishing pier a solitary Great Blue Heron was watching the world go by. It didn’t seem very interested in me as I stood about forty feet away taking pictures. I might have continued taking pictures, but the break in the rain came to an end. I made my way back to my RV home during one of the moderate showers. The trees protected me from getting drenched on the half mile trek.

Most of my day was spent inside watching TV and doing a few chores around the rig. Once the NFL playoff game started at 4:30 the TV had my full attention. I watched the first half of the Jaguars vs. Chiefs game. At half time my attention got diverted to NCIS reruns and I never got back to the game. As I write this blog entry the Giants vs. Eagles game is on the TV, but it hasn’t really got my attention yet.


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