Lazy Day and Chores

Wednesday January 11th 2023

The day started cool and ended seasonal. The overnight temperature got down into the forties. The day was bright and sunny resulting in a high temperature in the low to mid seventies. It was a nice weather day.

A beautiful sunny January day on Lake Wauberg.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry my campsite is in the trees. It is a very nice shaded and quiet site that I like very much, but this morning it worked against me. I got up at 7:30 and turned the heat on to raise the temperature from the overnight fifty degrees to a comfortable level. Once the heat was on I got back under the covers to stay warm and watch the morning news on TV. That didn’t happen. I woke up a little after 10AM. The darkness and quiet worked against me. It was clear today was going to be a very lazy day.

Today was a chores around My RV home kind of day. I needed to work on eliminating some of the dust and dirt that had built up over the last few weeks. The transition from needing to cool the interior to heating it, seems to expose or maybe create dusty areas that need cleaning. Nobody who knows me well would call me a clean freak, but I try to keep up with the accumulation when I find it. The next cleaning chore I’ve been ignoring that really needs help is the microwave oven. Soon.

It was another two walk to the day use area day. The first was around the noon hour and the second as the sun was setting across the lake. Each time there was a fare amount of activity. On the early walk there was a lot of boating and on the second trip most people were waiting for the sunset. The view of the sun setting across the lake is perfect.

Sunset and a bird through a dirty lens.

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