A Hike and Some Groceries

Tuesday January 3rd 2023

Today’s weather was pretty much a clone of Monday’s. The sky was mostly blue with a few puffy clouds thrown in for good measure. The temperature climbed to eighty by early afternoon. The peak may have been a couple of degrees warmer around 4:30 in the afternoon.

I think the net turnover of RVs in the resort today was in the negative. There seem to be a few more empty sites tonight. Among the empties are the site beside mine and two across the street. Three motorhomes traveling together arrived to occupy those sites yesterday afternoon. They all seemed to be a little on the novice side of the RV adventure. Early this afternoon the park staff arrived to ask them when they were leaving. Apparently they didn’t know there was a checkout time or more likely were going to wait until they were told to leave. If so, the stunt backfired. I heard the staff asking for a credit card number to charge the late checkout fee against. They were gone by about 1PM.

Main trail into the Silver Springs Forest Conservation area.

For my exercise today, I took a hike in the Silver Springs Forest Conservation Area. The walk was enjoyable, but uneventful and unremarkable. I heard birds in the trees and some ground level noises, but I didn’t see any wildlife. One bird sound was clearly a woodpecker, but despite gazing up into the trees for a couple of minutes I never found the bird. The published material about the conservation area describe otters and alligators among the wildlife, but I didn’t find any significant water areas on my hike. It is a big area and I only explored about three quarters of a mile into the forest. I may explore more of the area before I leave Ocala on Monday.

Rustic picnic shelter

On my way home from the Silver Springs Forest Conservation area I stopped at Walmart for groceries. The store seemed busy and out of stock on many items. Now that the holiday weekend is really over, everyone may have hit the grocery store to restock. Since I didn’t find a few items I wanted, I will probably have to make another grocery run soon. At least I bought coffee before I ran out.


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