Preparing for Plan B

Wednesday December 28th 2022

The weather continued its steady improvement today. It was a day filled with bright sunshine. The temperature started on the positive side of the freezing mark and continued to climb into the low seventies.

The athletic courts at the resort are all pristine, but so far they haven’t got much use.

It was a good day to sit outside in the sunshine and I did a lot of that today. I spent the day waiting for the mechanic to show up to investigate my fuel leak. Initially he was scheduled for 2PM. Around 2:20PM he sent a text indicating he was running behind. I haven’t heard from him since. It looks like I’ll be figuring out a plan B in the morning. One of the other calls I made yesterday has now responded, so I have two possible alternatives.

While I was outside waiting for the mechanic many new RVs arrived at the resort. I think I saw a couple depart this morning, but as a whole there were many more new arrivals than departures. Walking around the resort this evening, it is apparent that the number occupied sites now outnumbers the available sites. Even so, there are more than 100 available sites and probably an equal number of sites that aren’t finished yet. One group of unfinished sites is just waiting for power and another group is a little further behind. The last group is just getting landscaped now. They expect to have all the sites ready by February.

Sunset behind the buildings across the street.

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