Another Relaxing Sunday

Sunday December 18th 2022

We are in a “Florida” cold spell right now. The inside temperature was in the low fifties this morning, which means the outside temperature was in the forties. It got into the low sixties by mid afternoon. The forecast low tonight is in the thirties. Later in the week the forecast low in this area is projected to be in the twenties.

Today was pretty much a repeat of Saturday. I stayed inside watching TV and chasing obscure information on the Internet most of the day. In general I tend to stay in on weekend days unless I have a specific destination. During the run up to Christmas, traffic and general congestion on the weekend is worse. The good news about staying at home is the time it provides to cook a more elaborate meal. Today I cooked a small pork roast in the convection oven and had a proper “old fashion” Sunday dinner.

It doesn’t look like much, but it was good to eat.

For some reason that I don’t understand, today was a big arrival day here at the RV resort. When I took a walk around the park this afternoon there were a lot more occupied sites. I even have an immediate neighbor tonight. Up until now, there has been an empty site on both sides. I knew they were coming because the park staff blew the grass clippings off the pad and opened the power box the first thing this morning. The park staff checks every site before the next guest arrives. I’m told they open the power box because they have had problems with wasps and lizards inside.


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