Visiting with the Birds

Friday December 16th 2022

The meteorological switch was toggled last night. The temperature was in the forties this morning. It peaked in the low sixties this afternoon. On the positive side, the humidity was way down and the sun was out all day along with a bright blue sky.

Bright blue sky over the Ocala Wetlands Recharge Park

While I was out today I stopped in to visit the birds at the Ocala Wetlands Recharge Park. There were a few more people today along with a few hundred Ibis foraging around the grassy areas. The egrets and herons were a little harder to spot, but they were there too. It is a very nice park to walk through.

Later in the afternoon walking around the RV park, I came to the conclusion that there are fewer RVs here tonight than last night. Several departed this morning and the weekenders that I thought would arrived didn’t. The Christmas decorations are slowly increasing. Tonight there is a plastic pig dressed for the holidays on one of the sites.


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