A Not Turkey Day

Thursday November 24th 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

I had a questionable plan for the day that I decided not to implement. The day started very humid and cloudy. It was very similar to yesterday. The forecast called for possible showers in the afternoon. The showers didn’t arrive in this area. The sun was out at sunset and the temperature reached the upper seventies.

Before I got up this morning I was planning to go to SeaWorld today. My theory, which might be completely wrong, was that it would not be very busy today. The logic I used was that Disney World and Universal would collect most of the tourists and the locals would be at home eating turkey. I never tried to validate my theory. Between a sleepy start to the day, this morning’s weather and my uncertainty about the potential attendance, I changed my plan and stayed home. Maybe I’ll go on Sunday.

Since I was staying home, I had to cook my Thanksgiving Dinner. I could have gone with some form of chicken, but decided that a pot roast was a good non traditional alternative to turkey. I loaded up the slow cooker with the pot roast after browning it some in a frying pan. To the mix in the slow cooker I added a couple of onions and a few carrots. I took a short cut on potatoes by baking them in the microwave. Four hours later I had my Thanksgiving feast. For dessert I had a slice of Apple Pie with vanilla Ice Cream. There was nothing to complain about. Well, maybe the dishes.

The RV park was very quiet today. The usual compliment of people running around in golf carts was missing most of the day. It wasn’t until near evening that I started to see movement. It also looked like a lot of people went out for the day or longer. I saw signs earlier in the month about a Pot Luck dinner in the club house this afternoon, but I wonder if it actually happened. There didn’t seem to be much activity in that area when I was walking around this afternoon.


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