Halloween is Here

Monday October 31st 2022

Happy Halloween!

Today’s high temperature was in the upper nineties with quite a bit of humidity. The normal temperature is in the lower eighties with lower humidity. It is nothing like the Halloween temperatures I remember from childhood, but that was in the northeast.

I had one clear must do today. There has been a moratorium on the state gas tax for the month of October. Tomorrow the price of gas will increase by twenty five cents. I had to fill the tank of my Honda CR-V at the lower price. Many other people had the same goal. There were lines at the gas stations. I filled the tank at $3.15 a gallon. It will be interesting to see what they are charging tomorrow. I don’t recall a true twenty five cents drop at the beginning of the month, but somehow I expect a twenty five cents or more increase tomorrow.

The road construction in this area continues to surprise me. Several roads that used to be two lanes are getting expanded to four or six lanes. Intersections are getting broadened and traffic signals added. All of these changes are needed to handle all of the new development in the area. Fields and old citrus groves are getting turned into housing developments and shopping areas. The order of development seems a little strange. The housing units get built and immediate area roads get developed first. Then after the housing is finished they add a Publix supermarket with a selection of little stores. If its a new area, one of the corners gets a CVS and another a Walgreens. After all that, the county decides there is too much traffic for the roads in the area and starts to widen them. After a few years the whole process starts over again a little further out in the suburbs.

The RV park had a golf cart parade tonight that was more festive and well attended than the scheduled one on Saturday night. There were half a dozen well decorated carts along with speakers blasting ghoulish music. I don’t think any of the participants in Saturday’s event took part in tonight’s.

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