A Day to Recover

Saturday October 29th 2022
Today was mostly sunny and warm. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties again. It might have gone higher, but a line of threatening storms passed through late in the afternoon. They didn’t produce any rain just blocked the sun for a time.

When I got up this morning, my body told me that today was a day of rest. My legs and feet were reminding me of all of the walking I did around Magic Kingdom and Fort Wilderness yesterday. I didn’t have any kind of a distance tracker turned on but criss crossing the theme park was probably a couple of miles and at Fort Wilderness I walked around twelve of the twenty plus camping loops. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I walked close to ten miles in the park. All of the walking was on hard paved surfaces. It was worth it. The Halloween decorations were over the top.

It turned into a reading and TV watching kind of day. For exercise, I did some walking in the RV park. The local bird wildlife didn’t seem to care that I invaded their territory. The ducks and ibis continued about their foraging activity and the Sandhill Cranes gave me the side eye, but none of them moved away when I got near.

This evening the RV park had a golf cart parade to show off holiday decorations. It didn’t seem to get much interest considering the number of golf carts in the park. The “parade” contained about eight golf carts and only three or four were decorated. So much for my theory that the golf cart was the center of the social scene in this park.

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