Golf Cart Centric Social Scene

Thursday October 27th 2022

Today’s weather was a change from the last week or so of terrific weather. It just didn’t rise to the same level of excellence. The day started cloudy, but the sun managed to make a few brief visits. Rain also made a few visits. The first was brief, but the second got everything wet and left a few puddles. Overall it didn’t rain for more than ten minutes all day. It was still a nice day overall. Tomorrow’s weather sounds like it will be returning to the previous trend.

I spent the day at home generally goofing off and not accomplishing much. A couple of walks around the RV resort broke up the day. There are a lot of mobile homes and RVs here, but I don’t think a lot of them are occupied. The slide out rooms on many of the RVs are not extended and window awnings are not deployed on some of the mobile homes. The snowbird season hasn’t gotten fully underway.

There are not a lot of people walking around in this park, but there are plenty of people out driving around in golf carts. Social gatherings seem to be gatherings of golf carts. Every time I’m out walking I see two or more golf carts pulled up beside each other often in the middle of the road. The occupants have very animated discussions from their respective carts. There is a Halloween golf cart parade scheduled for Saturday night. The golf cart really seems to be the center of the social scene at this RV park. I feel a little odd walking around. The ducks and Sandhill Cranes are the only other creatures out walking around.


1 thought on “Golf Cart Centric Social Scene

  1. In our neighborhood, there are tons of golf carts. We walk or ride our bikes as much as possible. There are others who walk or ride for exercise. We don’t plan to purchase a golf cart. We want the exercise.

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