Remembering an Evacuation

Friday September 16th 2022

Two years ago today I got evacuated from this very campground. Hurricane Sally dropped enough rain to cause flooding in the campground. I was never in real danger, but the ranger in charge evacuated the campground for another Army Corp of Engineer Campground in the area. I was able to return two days later. This year the weather is the opposite of wet. It was another day without rain filled with blue sky and sun. The only change from the last couple of days is an increase in humidity that has allowed a few puffy clouds to develop in the sky.

Lake Seminole through the trees in the morning.

Most of the day I don’t know what time it is. Since I’m located at the very western edge of the Eastern Time Zone my cell phone usually locks onto a tower on the other side of Lake Seminole in the Central Time Zone. The result is the time on my cell phone is an hour behind the actual time in this location. My clocks are all still set to Eastern Daylight Time. Depending on what source I look at I get a different idea of what time it is. Today it was even more complicated for a short time when my cell phone seem to lock onto an Eastern Time Zone tower. The real complication is the TV broadcasts in the morning. The stations are in the Central Time Zone, so the morning news shows are an hour later than the actual time. It allows me to be lazy and sleep in.

The areas of the campground near the lake have filled up for the weekend. There are only a few empty sites in the A and C loops. I’m in the B loop which is in an open area away from the water. Tonight the B loop only has four campers. I don’t mind the solitude.


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