Blog Monotony

Wednesday September 14th 2022

The trend of very nice days continued. The temperature peaked in the mid eighties with very little humidity and lots of sunshine. The day ended with a very vivid sunset across Lake Seminole. It was a perfect late summer early fall day.

The day ended with a beautiful sunset.

My blog entries have been very monotonous lately. They reflect the rather laid back approach to my travels lately. The blog entries seem to begin with a weather report and include a discussion of the condition of the campground. In between these dry paragraphs I try to include a few interesting pictures. They are usually of birds or interesting blossoms. I’ve even included a few too many pictures of the sky to document the weather.

The blog fills one very important element in my life. It provides some structure. I know that every evening I will sit down in front of my computer to create a blog entry. During the day I take my camera with me on every walk and outing to capture content for the blog. I also use my walks to consider what I will write about at the end of the day. Sometimes I use those thoughts in the blog and other times I take the easy way out and write more about the weather between my pictures. Either way it provides a record of each day on my Rambling Road Trip.

I would like to thank everyone that reads my blog entries. I’ll strive to make them a little more textually interesting as I continue my Rambling Road Trip and daily blogging.

1 thought on “Blog Monotony

  1. The picture of the sunset is amazing. I enjoy your blog posts. I also like to see your pictures. Some of your pictures of flowers and birds are just beautiful. Lastly, there are touches of humor which I really enjoy. Enjoy your day!

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