A Slow Grocery Day

Monday August 1st 2022

I can’t complain about the weather today. It was another repeat of low nineties, slight breeze and moderate humidity. Once again the rain was twenty miles or so away.

It was lawn mowing day at the RV park. They started before 9AM and were complete in less than two hours. For some reason the mowing doesn’t bother me as much at this park. The noise level doesn’t seem to be as high or intrusive as it is at other parks. Either way everything looks nice and neat after the mowing.

My major task for the day was replenishing my grocery levels. Walmart was just as busy today as it was last week. The good news is there were five assisted checkouts open today as compared to the one or two last week. All of the assisted checkouts had three to five people in line. I chose a short line and got burned. A lady a couple of people in front of me was truly challenged by the activity. Getting her groceries out of the cart and on the belt was her first challenge. Everything needed to be moved around a minimum of three times before she selected the next item in the cart. Once everything was rung up her next challenge was selecting the appropriate card to pay with. I think she tried a zero balance gift card, followed by a debit card that she couldn’t get the pin right and finally settled on a credit card. I think she was capable, but lacked focus. It really was just a sad situation. This could be in any of our futures.

I drove back by the ostrich “ranch?” to try and get a picture of the big birds. Traffic was heavy again so I couldn’t stop. There were at least two birds well back from the road. The snapshot I tried to get one handed as I drove slowly by the field only captured a blurry tree. Maybe another time.


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