Low Tide Along the Matanzas River

Thursday July 28th 2022

Today’s temperature was a little warmer than Wednesday. It peaked in the low nineties with lower humidity. A couple of very brief showers wet down the area. For the most part today’s thunderstorms remained to the north over the Jacksonville area and inland in the middle of the peninsular. The trend for the next few days is increasing temperatures and humidity.

I found an access area to the inland bank of the Matanzas River this afternoon. The little park with a boat launch was accessed at the back of a residential area. It was necessary to navigate through the twenty to thirty year old homes at twenty five miles an hour. Speed seemed to be a real concern. There were two electronic speed measurement signs along my path.

It was low tide along the river. Mud flats were exposed providing additional access out into the river area for fishermen on foot. The boat launch seemed to be questionable at low tide. I was disappointed not to see any birds near the area of the park. A couple of egrets were flying along the water in the distance, but they were too far away to get a decent picture. I spent about a half hour sitting in the shade enjoying the breeze and the view.

The campground has started to fill up for the weekend. Returning into the park this afternoon I had to dodge around two arriving RVs at the entrance. The two rows of sites in front of me that were empty for the last two nights now have half a dozen RVs setup on the sites. It looks like it will be another busy weekend.


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