No Hike Today

Tuesday July 26th 2022

The day began hazy and cloud covered, but progressed to partly cloudy and then full sunshine. The temperature peaked in the low nineties with average humidity for this time of year. Once again today the rain was elsewhere in the state of Florida.

Today was lawn mowing day at the RV park. It seems like a more efficient activity here than at other places I have stayed. One or two guys did the whole park. I think they were part of the local staff. They started around 9AM and finished up mid afternoon. The loud noise was only around my RV home for a short period of time and everything looked neat and clean after.

During the cloudy part of the day I set out to explore a mixed use trail near the campground. I had to drive a couple of miles to the trail head. It turned out to be in a very open area with fields and low level vegetation. The nice shady tree covered path I expected was nowhere to be found. Since the sun was starting to make its presences known, I decided hiking on this trail would be better at another time. Also, it was probably better suited to biking.

My area of the campground is still quite empty tonight, but other areas of the park seem to be a little more occupied. Overall I think the park is about as full tonight as it was a week ago when I arrived. My guess is that the place will fill up as the weekend approaches.


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