Grocery Shopping Rant

Sunday July 24th 2022

It was sunny and humid with a high temperature in the low nineties which is pretty normal. The exception to the norm was the lack of rain. There were no afternoon thunderstorms.

Today’s animal picture

My main accomplishment for the day was restocking my food supply. This Walmart was a real challenge this afternoon. WARNING: I am about to get on my soapbox. First there were no carts available. I passed plenty in the parking lot, but I didn’t think to grab one outside. I had to wait for a departing customer to turn over their cart. There didn’t seem to be that many customers in the store. Perhaps they were all there earlier in the day.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

There were more Walmart employees in the aisles using their carts with blue bins to collect items for online orders than I usually see. These carts and people can be a real obstruction. The carts are slightly wider than regular carts and the employees seem to park them in the middle of the aisle while they wander around looking for some obscure item. Getting by them is one more challenge. The impression is fulfillment of online orders is more important than the business and convenience of in store customers.

When I reached the checkouts I saw another indicator that in store customers are not a priority. There was only one assisted checkout open. It had a line ten people deep. The self service checkout had a shorter line. I don’t like self service checkouts, but will use them in these situations. Today I had two items that the bar code wouldn’t scan. The first item I could laboriously enter the code manually, but the second the code was also unreadable. There was nobody around to assist. They didn’t get the few cents of profit from that item and at some point in time they will have to expend labor to restock the item. I just left it beside the register and finished checking out. One or more of the employees blocking the aisles for online orders should have been assigned to the checkouts. This ends today’s Walmart rant.

Walking around the campground this afternoon I found the place emptier than anytime since I arrived last Tuesday. Most of the weekend crowd had departed and others seemed to be getting ready to leave in the morning. A few new arrivals filled some of the vacant sites later in the afternoon.


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