Settling in at a Familiar Location

Tuesday July 12th 2022

Most of the day was sunny and humid without any real breeze. The ninety plus degree temperature was uncomfortable. During the afternoon thunderstorms were all around the area, but none directly impacted this area. Around 8PM one storm got a little closer. The lightening was close and a few minutes of light rain fell. It wasn’t enough of a storm to change the temperature or humidity level.

Blossom of the Day

The plan for the day was to get settled in and find out what’s new at the campground. My last visit was in May of 2021. I have stayed here at least once every year since the Rambling Road Trip began in 2016. There have been many little changes every year and this one is no exception. I think they do a lot of the work themselves. Changes seem to be slow and might get interrupted if higher priority tasks come up. Last year they were working on removing trees from an area between the campground and the access road. I thought they might be working on expanding the campground. This year I found the trees thinned out, but no new sites have been added. The area just doesn’t look finished. Right now they are working on replacing the utilities on a whole row in the campground. There are all new water taps and electrical boxes in place. It looks like they are in the middle of running conduit for the electric lines between the boxes. A backhoe on a little Bob Cat is located in the middle of the row, but in the day and a half I’ve been here no work has happened on the project. All of those sites are no available for use.

This campground is located on Interstate 95 right at the Georgia Florida boarder. Its location means it gets many single overnight stops by travelers. At noon today, after check out time, there were very few RVs in the front transient part of the park. As the afternoon progressed the sites filled in. I didn’t have any close neighbors last night, but tonight I have a small motorhome on my front side.


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