A Slow Day in the Increasing Heat

Wednesday June 22nd 2022

There was lots of sun and very few clouds today. The humidity stayed in the comfortable range and the wind blew gently out of the east and southeast. The result was a nice day outside in the shade. Inside my RV home it was hot from solar gain through the window glass and the white roof. My rig is pointed toward the east so the wind direction wasn’t directed at the majority of the windows that can be opened. It was in the low nineties outside and considerably higher inside. Tomorrow is forecast in the triple digits. Time for the AC all day.

The ducks are visiting the geese. or are the geese visiting the ducks.

I got snagged by the internet while eating breakfast this morning. I chased a few random threads of information from Google to Web sites and back, before getting caught up watching a bunch of YouTube videos. It was close to 2PM when I came up for air. If it didn’t get hot inside, I probably would have been snagged in the bowels of the internet longer.

While I was out for my walks today, I was glad to see the ducks back along the bank of the retention pond. I was concerned when they were missing yesterday. Some of the Canadian Geese were also back. For some reason both species of water fowl were hanging out together on the bank in the shade of a tree.

I am running out of new flowers to take pictures of. The last few days I took pictures of my neighbors hibiscus blossoms. Today I found a bush with a few small rose blossoms to provide decoration in this blog entry. It is time to take the camera with me when I leave the park. I need to search a wider area for things of interest.

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