My Rest and Recharge Stay Continues

Tuesday May 24th 2022

I have definitely transitioned into a very laid back low activity period. The last similar period was last November. Starting in December I moved between different state and public parks usually every two weeks. Each park had its own features, and hiking and outdoor activities were a key element at each place. My days were filled with exploring trails and looking for animals and interesting plant life. It was a steady level of activity and very enjoyable.

Most of the day was sunny with a high temperature in the low nineties. Late in the day a few dark clouds moved by to the west.

The last six weeks or so I’ve been more active in populated areas. I’ve spent a lot of time in crowds and theme parks. This is a different type of enjoyable activity. The downside is all of the interactions with people can be exhausting. I really need the downtime I’m getting at this park to recharge.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

There aren’t many of the things I like to do in this area. Walking around the campground is good for exercise, but the environment isn’t the most natural. There are very few flowering plants and the water level in the retention pond is low. On my visit last year there were a couple of families of ducks and a few turtles living in the retention pond. This year I haven’t seen any signs of animal life. Having been to this campground several times on my Rambling Road Trip I have explored the Starke Florida area quite a bit. I haven’t found parks or lakes with recreation areas nearby. Most of the places I’ve been to are twenty miles or more away. The bottom line is this is a good campground to chill out and recharge.

Looking at the planning and reservations I have made for next winter, I’ll be following a very similar pattern. Starting in December I’ll be jumping between state and public campgrounds every two weeks. Some of the campgrounds will be new and the order of my visits will be a little different. I will probably be back at this campground for a few days in late January and maybe again in May.

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