Thoughts on Inflation

Wednesday May 11th 2022

It was another beautiful day on the low side of the averages for the date. The high temperature was in the low eighties, the humidity was low and there was a strong20 c breeze out of the east.

Blossom of the day

When I left the campground to run errands this afternoon I was immediately aware of another significant changed in the price of gas. The 10 cent change from Monday to Tuesday was increased by a 20 cent jump from Tuesday to Wednesday. The average price is now $4.50 a gallon.

The jump in the price of gas increased my awareness of the prices at Walmart as I was picking up groceries. Generally I only notice the price increase when it transitions the first digit in the price. So I noticed the things that went from 99 cents to $1.07 and the things that went from two dollars and something to three dollars plus etc… The things that increase in the same dollar value I don’t notice right away. Overall things seem to be up less than ten percent. The amount I pay at the register still bounces around in the same range.

Inflation’s biggest impact on my life style is the price of gas and the per night price for camping. They both are significantly higher. Most of the camping fees at commercial parks go up every year by a few dollars. Since the pandemic the increased demand has allowed them to go at a quicker pace. Most have gone up ten to twenty percent. Some state parks like the Florida State Parks have gone up significantly more. They added a fourteen dollar “utility fee” to the price, but they are still generally lower than the commercial parks. I haven’t kept a separate record of per night costs for camping since my first year on the road, so I don’t know the overall impact of inflation on me. I suspect it is more than the 8.3 percent national rate. All of these increases are annoying, but they aren’t going to cause any significant change in my life style.

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