Magic Kingdom Day

Thursday April 28th 2022

After a long day yesterday I didn’t even try to get an early start today. The first item on today’s agenda after breakfast was completing yesterday’s blog entry. I posted the details of Wednesday activities and back dated it to the appropriate date. It is available here.

Cinderella Castle.

I arrived at Magic Kingdom about 11AM to pick up where I left off Wednesday night. Once again it was very busy. Simple rides that I road Wednesday night with very little wait had 30 to 50 minute waits today. Most of my time in the park today was spent wandering around checking for anything new since my last visit. I managed to see Mickey’s Philharmagic with the new scene based on the movie Coco before I got in a fifty minute wait for the Haunted Mansion. They were using an extended queue area that looped along the Rivers of America. I probably only waited forty minutes.

Stich, one of the resident mischievous characters.
One of the real full time residents of the Magic Kingdom.

The long wait times and crowds raised my frustration level. I made my way out of the park via all of the shops along Main Street USA only to spend another long wait for the boat back to the campground. It was about 2PM when I got back to the campground. Overall it was a very short park day. Since I bought a pass good for most week days for a year, I don’t have to worry about value of my visit. If I were a traveler visiting Disney on vacation I’d have to spend as much time in the parks as possible to get the value from the expensive ticket. That’s what creates all the rushing and tired people on the Disney transportation system.

This evening I watched the Enchantment fireworks from the campground beach. The fireworks seem so much bigger and significant than they do when watching from inside the park. The castle is clearly the focal point inside the park. The fireworks are just used as added decoration to the overall show. To me the inside the park show and the fireworks seen from outside the park are two different shows. They both are great.

Tomorrow I move on from this stay in Fort Wilderness. With all the focus on visiting the parks, I didn’t get a chance to really enjoy the resort. I’m not moving far. I plan to visit the Disney parks again over the next week.

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