Relaxing Sunday

Sunday April 24th 2022

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the roof of my RV home. It wasn’t in any of the forecasts I had heard, so it was a surprise. Before I could get up and close the windows it stopped only to start again a half an hour later. The second burst of rain was as short as the first. The first half of the day was cloudy with occasional sunshine. A few more very dark clouds passed through the area before the clouds gave way to complete sunshine with lots of wind. The temperature peaked in the low eighties.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

Wandering around the campground today I found several changes since my stay last year. None of the changes involved improvements to the sites. Instead they moved the dog walk and added an agility course to the compound. The old fence was removed and the area reseeded. There is also a bounce pillow in the field near the new dog run. I don’t remember this kids entertainment contraption, but it could have been there. Roles of artificial grass were waiting to be used in more improvements to the recreational elements of the park. None of these “improvements” have any value to me. I would prefer they repaved the roads, fixed broken concrete patio pads and generally improve the infrastructure.

Tomorrow I am moving on. Once again it is a very short move for a little longer stay. Next up on my Rambling Road Trip is a four night stay at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground. It is less than twenty miles away. Unlike my last quick visit to Fort Wilderness in January, I plan to visit the theme parks this time. I have park reservations at each of the four theme parks starting tomorrow through Thursday. The last time I was in any of the theme parks was spring of 2019. A lot has changed since then. It is likely to be a very busy week.

Check out at the KOA is 11AM. I’ve requested a noon check in at Fort Wilderness, but there is no guaranty. I may be waiting in the outer parking lot until 3PM or later. It all depends on how fast they process the sites once people leave. Fort Wilderness also has an 11AM checkout.

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