A Visit to Sea World

Tuesday April 19th 2022

Today was the perfect weather for a visit to Sea World. My initial plan was to go on Sunday, but the humidity and heavy rain in the forecast caused me to rethink my plan. Yesterday was also very hot and humid. The high temperature today was in the upper seventies with low humidity and a north wind.

Welcome to SeaWorld

I set out for Sea World around 9:30. My goal was to get there in time for the 10:45 Dolphin Show. Traffic had other ideas. There isn’t a good way to get to Sea World from Lake Louisa State Park. The park is almost straight east of Lake Louisa State Park, but the roads don’t go that way. Either you need to go north and east into Orlando or south and east through the Disney World area. I took the latter route and got stuck in Intestate 4 traffic. Even so, I arrived at Sea World in plenty of time, but it took a very long time to get through the parking toll plaza and parked in the back of the parking lot. It was a busy day and a long walk to the entrance. My Sea World day started at 11AM.

The park was busier than it was last December on a weekend day. I put a focus on some of the things I didn’t see in December starting with the Sting Ray and Dolphin encounters. This was followed by the Manatee and Sea Turtle rescues. Later in the day I also visited the Sea Lion and Seal encounter. Of the three big shows, I saw the Orca and Dolphin shows, but the Sea Lion show was full fifteen minutes before showtime.

It was a busy fun day. In an attempt to avoid the evening traffic I left the park at 4PM. For the most part I avoided the traffic. The only issue was near Disney World. I was in stop and go traffic on route 192 for fifteen minutes or so. I’d like to return on a weekend day while I’m in the area. Thursday through Sundays they are running as Seven Seas Food Festival complete with major concerts and other entertainment.

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