Changing Weather Fewer Alligators?

Wednesday April 13th 2022

The temperature and humidity continue to climb. The day started with bright sunshine which transitioned into high clouds as the day went by. The result was a high temperature in the upper eighties, that might have been even higher if the clouds didn’t move in.

Limpkin and a mussel for lunch.

There weren’t as many alligators out of the river this morning. Only a couple were fully out of the water. A state park volunteer was at the bridge over the river providing information about the alligators. He had quite a few people listening to his commentary. In the group was one little girl that was very disappointed that the creatures were not crocodiles. The park volunteer proceeded to convince the little girl the alligators were so much better than crocodiles. I think it was the personal attention that convinced her rather than his “facts”. He could have just as easily claimed the crocodiles narrow pointed snout was better than the broad stubby snout on the alligator. The point is the guy was good with people particularly children.

A proud Vulture.

While the gators were staying in the water today, the turtles seem to be out on the logs taking the sun. I have to be careful walking along the river bank not to disturb the turtles before I get a picture. Turtles seem to be very concerned about activity on the bank and often slip into the water before you even see them. Alligators on the other hand aren’t as concerned about land activity, but will sink into the water at the approach of a kayak or canoe. The turtles just let the water based intruders paddle by.

The alligators were out on the bank more during my second walk of the day. Unfortunately there didn’t seem to be much other activity in the early evening.

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