A Cold Start to Sunday Morning

Sunday April 10th 2022

It was cold for this area at this time of year this morning. The inside temperature in my RV home was fifty degrees when I got up. It took until noon for the outside temperature to reach seventy degrees. The issue was dressing properly for the temperature. Not having to wear warm clothes for the last few weeks has resulted in being out of practice.

The Myakka River on a clear sunny morning.
Clear sky over the Myakka River as the sun is setting

The campground really emptied out this morning. This is a clear indicator that local Florida residents are the primary users of the campground at this time of year. Most travelers would leave on random days of the week, but local people that have to return to work on Monday leave on Sunday. When I’ve stayed here in December, I haven’t seen a large exodus on Sunday which I consistent with more travelers as represented by the out of state license plates. The park filled up my the end of the day. Many of the new arrivals were from out of state. I think this may mean I should have less competition for reservations for stays starting in the first half of the week rather than the second which includes the desirable weekend for locals.

I got in my two long walks along the river today. On my first walk many of the alligators were hiding out in the water. Only a few were taking the sun on the river bank. On my second walk of the day I found a few birds, but most of the alligators were back in the river. The big wildlife observation on my second walk was a group of deer. They were in the woods along the main park road. I was able to walk within twenty feet of them. They took note of my presence, but went right back to grazing.

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