Finding the Birds

Friday April 8th 2022

What a difference a day makes. It was almost cold this morning. Yesterday’s clouds and humidity were gone. It was a bright sunny day with a strong northwest wind with a starting temperature in the low sixties. The temperature only climbed into the mid seventies. It was a beautiful weather day.

On my morning walk it was apparent that the alligators thought it was a great day too. There were many alligators out of the water taking the sun on the river bank. A few more were still in the water, but as the temperature climbed into the low seventies some of those found the river bank as well.

The big wading birds still aren’t plentiful in the park. This morning I saw the same limpkins I’ve been seeing all week. As an added dividend a Great Blue Heron was looking for lunch up the river from the bridge a good distance. I found more birds later in the day out of the park.

During the afternoon I was along the gulf coast in the Bradenton area. The strong wind was whipping up the water into some significant wave action. This is the area I found birds. The Egrets were mingling with the Brown Pelicans and the Sea Gulls. Everybody was happy getting their fill of fish from the fishing boats and the bait fish in the water.

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