A Slow and Uneventful Saturday

Saturday March 26th 2022

Today’s weather was close to perfect. The temperature got into the mid eighties under a bright sun. A nice breeze off the ocean kept things comfortable.

The bird blends in well with the dead tree branches.

My day was very routine. I took my time over my breakfast coffee this morning. Basically, I squandered the morning away. My first walk of the day didn’t start until about the noon hour. This walk to the marina and back with a few detours is over four miles. Since it is a weekend there are a lot more people in the park today. Places that were quiet during the week had people exploring or otherwise disturbing the quiet. Even the marina seemed to have a few boats tied up at the docks that were empty all week.

Before my second walk of the day I took time to prepare and eat lunch and complete a few tasks around my RV home. There seemed to be even more people in the camping and beach day use areas of the park just before sunset. The marina, however, was back to its empty state.

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