Along the Anhinga Trail

Thursday March 24th 2022

The weather is getting hot in south Florida. I had to run the AC last night to make it comfortable to sleep and will probably have to run it again tonight. Today’s daytime high was in the upper eighties with high humidity and a clear sky above my campsite. The breeze off the ocean kept things comfortable as long as you were shaded from the direct sun.

I drove back on the main park road to the east entrance to the national park. I went back to the Royal Palm area and walked the Anhinga trail again. The 0.8 mile paved and boardwalk lined trail has a heavy wildlife concentration. In addition to lots of Anhinga birds and Alligators there are turtles, egrets, herons and other random animals to see. This is a very popular place. The parking lot has cars from all over North America and there is a wide selection of languages from visitors to this country to overhear along the trail.

Wild Flowers



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