Everglades National Park along the Main Road

Monday March 21st 2022

After yesterday’s cold front cleared the area, today was very windy and a lot less humid. The high temperature was around eighty while the sun dominated the sky. By late in the afternoon clouds took over the sky until a little before sunset. Overall it was a nice weather day.

The slow moving water through the grass prairie that is the Everglades.

Today I toured the roadside turnoffs along the main park road. I drove about thirty five of the thirty eight miles east toward the park entrance stopping at nearly all of the named scenic areas along the way. If walked five of the short loop trails. I may return later in the week for some of the longer trails. Adding up all the distances, I walked about three miles. Most of the loop trails were on boardwalks over the slow moving water of the everglades.

As I got closer to the east entrance and civilization the number of people and the amount of wildlife increased. At my first few stops near my campsite in the Flamingo area there were any birds or people at the pull offs. At the Royal Palm area near the east entrance there was a full parking lot and plenty of wildlife to see.

Plant Life



Fish are visible in the clear water.


Soft Shell Turtle

American Crocodile

American Crocodile at the Flamingo Marina


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