The Rain got in the way

Wednesday March 16th 2022

Today started and ended sunny, humid and calm. In between it was rainy windy and wet. The rainy part of the day was the coolest part. The rest of the day was uncomfortably humid. The air conditioner in my RV home got turned on for the first time in a long time.

Insect picture of the day.
Blossom of the day

My day began with another attempt at booking a Florida State Park reservation for next winter. This time my computer and Microsoft got in the way of success. They conspired to pick this morning to upgrade the Windows software. My very limited internet connection was quickly overwhelmed. By the time I detected the issue and commanded the beast to stop misbehaving, it was too late. I missed the 8AM race for a site selection. It’s not a catastrophe. I still have many more options, but I’m starting to look out of the box.

Calm morning weather at the campground.
Slightly angry, but rapidly improving sky after the rain.

The rain got in the way of my activities today. I was getting ready to get in the car to head for one of the trail heads west on the Tamiami trail, when the sky opened with another tropical deluge. While I waited it out I prepared some lunch and had an early meal. The rain let up and I started to prepare to depart again, but mother nature had other ideas. The second wave of rain arrived. Between the two downpours the road in front of my RV and the grass across the road were flooded under a couple inches of water. It was late in the day for exploring by the time the sun returned.

The extent of my exercise for the day was several loops around the campground pond. It was an interesting exercise to see where the alligator was hiding out each time I ventured out. I now suspect there are two gators in the pond. I haven’t seen them both on the same loop, but one looks smaller than the other. The other thing that I find odd is the absence of other wildlife. There are no water birds or turtles present along the edge of the pond.

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