Travel South into the Big Cypress National Preserve

Monday March 14th 2022

This moving day began a little chilly, but not nearly as cool as Sunday. The morning at Ortona South Campground as I packed up was sunny in the sixties. Later in the day as I reversed the process one hundred miles south at the Midway Campground on the Tamiami trail it was cloudy and warm around eighty degrees. This evening the cloud continued with a strong breeze out of the east. Rain is possible the next couple of days.

My travel day began a few minutes after the 11AM checkout time. I spent over half an hour waiting in line behind three other RVs at the dump station. By the time I departed there were still two behind me. Quite a few RVs departed this morning.

The first order of business was putting some gas in the motorhome. I arrived two weeks ago with only a quarter tank. Finding a station that I could get in and out of easily on my arrival day proved impossible. During my stay, I scouted out two or three easily accessible stations on my exit route. I put in almost 57 gallons of gas for $250. The tank was almost full, but I didn’t want to do a third credit card pass for only a few bucks. I plan need to fill more often to keep the dollar value from being so shocking.

Site 9 at the Midway Campground in the Big Cypress National Preserve.

Around 1:30 I arrived at my destination. For the next four nights I’ll be staying in the Big Cypress National Preserve at the Midway Campground. I stayed here once before in 2019. The facility is about twenty five sites around a little pond formed from draining and filling the swamp to make the campground. The name Midway campground comes from its location halfway from Naples to Miami. In many ways it is in the middle of nowhere, but so far, I have internet access.

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