A Friday for Catching up on Chores

Friday March 11th 2022

The wind was strong out of the west southwest today. It brought with it high humidity and an equally high temperature. The ninety degree high is around ten degrees warmer than the normal for this area. The cold front arrives tomorrow.

A lone boat leaving the lock this morning.

This was primarily a day for catching up on chores around my RV home. I got most of the things I needed to accomplish complete between walks around the campground. There were a lot of empty campsites just after the 11AM checkout time. This evening all of the empties have new occupants. I did see evidence of a few shenanigans. Several rigs are on new sites. This maybe innocent moves to stretch their stay within the two week limit, but it may also be an attempt to work around the system. One RV that was here when I arrived eleven days ago is now on a new site. They should only be able to stay on the new site for 3 days at most, before they exceed the two week limit. In my experience when you have to move sites to extend your stay you do it early in your stay or not at all. The fifty percent discount for seniors with a pass is probably one reason for the game playing. This Army Corp of Engineers Park is a real value. I hope it continues.

The activity level around the park was lower today. I only saw one boat passing through the lock. It was a slow day for river traffic. Even the birds were elsewhere for much of the day. The Snowy Egret that is a fixture in one area of the creek was only there this morning. On both of my afternoon walks there were no birds at all in the lower end of the creek.

The sunset was beautiful tonight. There was just the right mix of clouds and setting sun to make it interesting.

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