Crowded Saturday

Saturday February 12th 2022

The temperature got up to eighty before the clouds associated with the next cold front started to move in. Rain is forecast overnight and tomorrow morning before the sun returns on a much cooler Sunday.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

The state park was very crowded today. The day use area parking lot had more cars parked than I’ve seen before. On my first walk of the day to the Silver River I couldn’t even get near the Kayak launch dock. There were over twenty five kayaks scattered around the area. Most of the down river paddlers stop at the campground Kayak launch for lunch or a bathroom break. At two miles from the headwaters, it is located about mid way on the down river paddle.

Further along the River Trail a secluded area that has a bench to sit on while watching the river was filled with a family having a picnic. Along the bank a little further I found a couple of other people with a camera on a tripod waiting for interesting subjects on the river. Both of these areas are usually very quiet and empty. Not today!

My second walk of the day was to the river overlook. I found a couple and their two dogs using the overlook for a late in the day picnic. There were also still many boats on the river. Usually as sunset approaches the river is quiet. All of the activity on and around the rive seemed to keep the birds away. I only saw one lonely Anhinga today.

Between walks, this was a chores day. I got a little cleaning done, took the trash to the dumpster and cooked a hamburger conglomeration with Penne Pasta for lunch today and tomorrow. My stay is winding down here at Silver Springs State Park. Tomorrow is my last full day.

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