Using a Rainy Day for Grocery Shopping

Tuesday February 8th 2022

Today was an inside kind of day. It started raining during the overnight hours and continued off and on all day. The forecast calls for the pattern to continue through mid day Wednesday. It is mostly a light rain that varies from drizzle to steady rain. The temperature never got above the low fifties.

Puddles around the campground make walking tricky.

Since hiking down to the river or anywhere else was a little too wet an idea, I used the time for a much delayed grocery run. Walmart is less than three miles away and most of the distance is inside the state park. Many other people thought a rainy day was a good shopping day. The store was very busy.

I wasn’t hungry while I was shopping, so I didn’t over buy. Still I spent more money than usual. For some reason I bought several things that were big ticket grocery items. Replenishing my coffee supply was one of the high priced items and I decided a steak would be a nice treat. Maybe I was hungry after all.

After my grocery shopping I spent most of the day inside my RV home watching TV. The Olympic coverage is an interesting diversion from the normal TV programming. I also cooked the piece of steak along with a microwave baked potato for my main meal of the day. Evening came quickly. After I finish this blog entry, I’ll be back in front of the TV.

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