Another Rainy Sunday

Sunday February 6th 2022

It was a rainy Sunday. The rain began before bedtime Saturday and increased in frequency and strength through the night. By daylight it was slowing down some, but continued off an on until early afternoon. The temperature managed to climb into the low fifties during the afternoon break in the rain. As darkness returned so did the rain. Tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy with the rain holding off until late at night. The wet weather isn’t forecast to move on until Wednesday.

Wildflower blossom of the day.
Wet campground roads.

I managed to get one walk to the river in during the afternoon letup in the rain. The trail had a few wet areas, but I was able to dodge and jump around significant puddles. The only people I saw were walking the trails. No one seemed be die hard enough to be kayaking on the river.

Similar to yesterday, I spooked one deer on the trail. It saw me before I saw its white tail as it bounded into the brush. As far as other wildlife goes it was hiding. I heard a lot of bird and other noises from the woods, but didn’t see any photogenic creatures.

Back at my RV home I spent time watching some of the more unique Olympic events. It is only when the Olympics are on TV that you get a chance to watch Curling or Cross Country Skiing. I just wish they’d give you a translation guide. The Curling announcers used more terms in new ways than I’ve heard in awhile. Power Plays, Hammers, Sweepers and Cookies all have interesting meanings in the sport. You really have to listen and watch closely to follow along.

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